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  • Gold (Au): 2,989.33/ozt
  • Silver (Ag): 36.56/ozt
  • Last Update 24th Sep 2023 @07:15am
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07 49 390 234


How to get Cash Loans Without Photo ID?

Yes! You can get cash loans without a photo ID. You can supply two types of valid text-based IDs. The list of valid text-based IDs includes:

  • Birth Certificate (Full or Extract)
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Bank Statement or Utility Bill
  • Commonwealth Veterans Affairs Card
  • Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card
  • Commonwealth Health Care Card

How can I be sure that you offer the highest payout rates for our gold?

We’re pretty open about valuation and our prices for your gold. We only go by the live spot price, which is the international market value for gold. Our appraisers at our Brisbane store use only the best of the technology to value your gold items and provide the best rate. You can also rely on your own research to compare and make sure that we offer the best prices for gold. A simple way is to monitor the live prices of gold online and compare it with the price per ounce we charge.

How do you evaluate the price of gold?

The price of gold fluctuates every day. It may seem like a simple question to answer, but the truth is that many factors influence the price of gold. You can generally assume that if there is an increase in demand for something, then its price will go up. We don’t actually decide the price of gold we buy for. Instead, we follow the international market rate that fluctuates over time to serve as a reference.

Can I sell my gold jewellery to Cash Your Gold if I am not a resident of Australia?

We require your Australian photo ID or non-photo ID when you’re selling any jewellery or precious metals to us. However, if you aren’t a resident of Australia but still wishes to sell gold, please contact our team to get more information. If you are residing in Australia on visa and not a permanent resident or citizen, you can still very much sell your gold and silver to cash your gold. You will need to provide one of the relevant valid IDs listed on our website.

Does Cash Your Gold buy precious metals based on the current market rate?

Gold prices are live prices which means they fluctuate with the stock market. The spot price is the current market value of gold, which is determined by the supply and demand for gold. We buy gold, silver, diamonds and platinum at international live prices. You can monitor this live price any time online. We will also provide you with the live metal price so you can see exactly how much you're paying per ounce.

What can’t I sell?

We only accept precious jewellery, gold and silver bullions, coins, nuggets, scrap metals, or unwanted pieces made from precious metals. If your metal isn’t precious and made of copper, brass or any other similar item, then we won’t be able to buy it.

Is it hard to sell gold bullions, coins or nuggets?

Absolutely not. Bullions are deeply liquid assets and you can easily sell gold bullions, coins or nuggets by visiting us, the most reliable gold dealers in Brisbane.

Based on what qualities do you purchase the gold?

We evaluate and offer cash for gold purely based on the fineness, purity, and weight of gold items based on live prices on our website. We accept gold, silver and diamonds of all quality and offer the price depending on the value.

How do I get paid for my gold?

We provide you with various options, i.e. fast bank transfers or instant physical cash on the spot for selling your gold and silver jewellery. You can choose the most suitable option to get paid for your precious jewellery.

How much gold can I sell without reporting?

If you sell gold, silver or any other precious metal at a higher rate than the price you bought, you’ll be required to pay taxes. Please keep in mind that you may need to report the sale of gold for tax purposes. But there’s also a minimum purity composition below which selling gold may not be reportable in Australia. While selling your gold and silver jewelry items you are not required to report any sales by law unless it is a continual process by hobby or profession. Any sale of bullion that brings capital gains attracts capital gain tax. It is advisable to discuss your situation with your Tax agent in detail to understand your positions.

How do you calculate the price to pay for diamond jewellery and gemstones?

The evaluation of diamonds and gemstone jewellery is purely based on the international trade value of the diamonds and gemstone. We have a gemologist on board who is highly experienced and grades the stones on the spot based on the international value of the stone.

How do you calculate the price to be paid, for instance, if I sell my gold ring?

At Cash Your Gold, we use XRF machines to test the gold purity. We offer live prices on our website, which is linked with the international spot price for gold and silver. Our experienced friendly staff member will evaluate your gold ring on the spot by testing its purity and checking the weight on certified industry-standard scales. And based on the live prices on our website, we’ll give you the exact price for the gold ring.

What are the identification requirements for selling gold?

Any gold buyer in Brisbane should be licensed legally to buy gold and follow a set of protocols. At Cash Your Gold Brisbane, we are licensed by the Office Of Fair Trade and we are obliged to collect ID at the time of transaction. We need 100 points of valid ID which can be either one photo ID or 2 non-photo IDs. The photo IDs can be:

  • Australian Drivers License
  • International passport
  • Keypass ID card
  • Firearm license
Or, text-based IDs can be:
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medicare Card
  • Concession card
  • Veteran card

Why does website pricing change?

Gold and silver being precious metals, are treated as commodities and their prices are pretty volatile. They change throughout the day based on demand and supply and this directly corresponds to the changing live prices you see on gold buyers’ websites.

What is the best way to sell old gold?

Selling your old gold jewellery can be a challenging and daunting process for a lot of people. All we know is it is valuable, but not sure what its real value is. There are a few different avenues where you can sell your gold for cash.

  • Kiosks in malls: You might sometimes find small businesses with kiosks in shopping complexes offering cash for your old gold and we might feel that is the best deal, but on average, they often pay us 40%-50% under the gold value.
  • Pawnbrokers: Pawnbrokers also buy gold and silver for cash from people, but since they deal in various products, their payouts are at 60%-75%.
  • Gold dealers: Since these businesses are dedicated and specialize in gold trading, they have published live prices of gold and silver on their website, which is in sync with international gold and silver spot price and offer up to 100% of international gold value. The best(reputed) gold dealers use XRF machines that show the exact percentage of gold and other alloys in the jewellery. Some even provide mail-in service and mobile service to further areas.

What can I sell? What kind of gold and silver items does cash your gold buy?

You can sell almost all types of precious metals to us. You can sell gold and silver jewellery, from a single earring to a large collection of loose stones, gold nuggets, gold and silver coins, bullions, and other precious metals. You can check in detail what all you can sell on — or one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces — you name it. You can also sell scrap or broken gold, silver, or precious metals with impurities. If there is anything not on our list please call our friendly experts to discuss or visit our Brisbane gold buyers store in Chermside for a free evaluation.

Why should I choose Cash Your Gold for selling my gold items?

We understand that there are numerous gold buyers in Brisbane. But what sets us apart is our dedication, to be honest, and justified in buying gold from our customers. We don’t have any hidden charges and buy gold from you at the current spot price. So there’s no ambiguity in the value or the price you receive.

How much money can I make when I sell my gold jewellery?

You can sell gold at the current market value, also the spot price. At Cash Your Gold, we evaluate your gold jewellery based on the intrinsic value of your items using a hi-tech XRF machine to determine the content of the precious metal. We’ll then give you an estimated rate based on the value of your metal in accordance with the current spot price.

Would I have to visit your office to receive your advertised rates if I live far from your office?

Anyone is welcome to visit us during trading hours. Our Brisbane gold buyers are highly experienced and the entire process takes on an average of 10 minutes with instant cash for gold on spot. Those who live far and cannot travel can still sell gold to us through our mail-in service. This service is open for all residents throughout Australia and we don’t have any additional service charge, unlike other gold buyers. All you need to do is fill in your details on the Sell Gold page or Contact our team to get more information.

What to know before selling gold items?

If you’re thinking about selling gold, then there are a few things that you need to be aware of. You should know the purity of the gold your gold items. Gold jewellery of 14 carats contains lesser gold hence, will be valued lower than gold jewellery of 18 carats. So it’s best to know the value of the gold you have. If your gold jewellery has any gemstones on it, you need to know its value and worth. You should also know the gold prices. If you’re planning to sell, you can monitor the gold rates over time and decide to sell on the day where the rate peaks. This means you’ll get a slightly better amount for your gold than the other days.

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